Carbon dioxide gas comes from the fumes

  Traditionally we look after our trees when they are in the beginning of their development. We need to water them, fertilize them, cultivate the soil, weed them and watch out for the breakout of pest and diseases. But although these are the essentials in maintaining healthy growth for the young trees there must be some essential factors on how you would be able to grow healthy looking and pest-free trees. Looking after trees is basically simple but you have to learn many things about them to know how you can fully aid them to become the trees you want them to be. First you have to know that trees depend on their roots and leaves to survive. The roots as the tree grows penetrate deeper into the soil and it would not stop unless it finds water.

These roots are called the primary roots. Once the tree has developed fully grown primary roots the secondary roots will start to spread out just beneath the soil and secure the tree.Since the primary function of Food Containers Suppliers the primary roots is to source out water the secondary roots serve as the food and nutrient gatherer of the tree. Every composted material, water from the rain and elements from soil will be absorbed by the secondary roots. Amazingly this gives the tree enough supply of food. However, if the tree happens to grow on an unfertile and barren land all the natural process of growth will be hindered and the tree will be come stunted, deprived of nutrients or may even wither and die. Now another important thing to remember when looking after trees is that you have to understand other function of the part of the tree so that you may be able to know how to keep them healthy.

One of the most essential factors that add up to the growth and healthiness of the tree is its leaves. The leaves of the trees just like any other plants serve as the cooking agents of the tree. The food that the tree absorbed from the ground are stored into the leaves and with the help of the sunlight the stored food are processed into available foods and this process is what we call photosynthesis.Carbon dioxide is an essential element needed by the leaf to speed up the process of photosynthesis and in this manner the trees are actually helping us reduce carbon dioxide from the air and at the same time releases oxygen from its leaves.

Carbon dioxide gas comes from the fumes, smoke from cars or other air pollution man produced in his environment. So can you now imagine how trees aside from the wood, fruits and shades it gives us can keep us alive? Trees are God’s gift to us and we can never live without them because primarily they are part of our organic life cycle and if ever they will banish again the cycle will be broken and life on earth will once again be put into disaster.

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